Spin Ads

Reading through this month’s Spin Magazine I am struck by how many ads are targeting the younger demographic that must read this magazine regularly with products that are not necessarily good for them or helpful to them other than designer clothing lines.

The inside cover is a special slick trifold page that gives this advertiser 4 actual full pages of exposure for 1800 Tequila.

The next two pages are DKNY Jeans, and the next two pages are for VanHeusen shirts – their Studio line.

The next two pages are Quiksilver shirts, jeans and hoodies.

The next two pages are Ben Sherman coats. I guess it’s coats. Can’t tell for sure.

Then we finally get to a page that I thought might be a table of contents page opposite a full page ad for Boost cell phones. But it’s not a table of contents. Its a page called Spin Flash with photos from four of the summer’s big concerts.

Then FINALLY a table of contents page, opposite an ad for Hennessy cognac.

So to just get to the table of contents page we’ve been exposed to:

  • Liquor – 5 pages
  • Clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories – 8 pages
  • Cell Phones & Electronics – 1 page
  • Personal Care Products – 0 pages
  • Music & Concerts – 0 pages

So for fun I went through the rest of the magazine and tallied the rest of the ads into basic categories. The rest of the magazine might have halfpage ads or quarter page ads, but I’m counting the occurrences of the types of ads, so some pages maybe be counted twice if they contain two half page ads.

  • Liquor – 12 pages
  • Clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories – 16 pages
  • Cell Phones & Electronics – 6 page
  • Personal Care Products – 2 pages
  • Music & Concerts – 16 pages
  • Other – 9 pages

Wrecking Their Credit

My sister’s husband was in a car wreck back in March and hasn’t worked since. He hurt his back and has been back and forth to all kinds of different doctors. It’s bad enough that his car was totaled and he can’t afford a new one, but he’s in pain every time he does the least little bit of lifting or carrying or pulling on things. We figure the car insurance will help take care of most of these kinds of things. What worries my sister and me is that he’s not earning any income all this time and the household bills are piling up.

Sis had to come out of retirement and go back to work just to bring in some money and pay the basics, like food and the utilities. But the rest of the bills are getting harder and harder to put off. I’ve helped her out a little here and there, but they are going to need a lot more help than what I can give.

She finally started looking into debt consolidation and counseling, and I’m sure the possibility of filing for bankruptcy is in the back of her mind, too. There’s a wide difference in the types of debt relief services and I want her to make informed decisions about this important financial matters. It’s bad enough that we are in a tough economy, but with her husband hurt and her two sons in college, she has a lot of worries.

Going for a Spin

Normally I don’t read Spin Magazine. I’m not into the grunge rock and punk music, and that’s what they seem to focus on. I think it’s great that some of these kids have a shot at a singing or performing career, but since I don’t have college age kids I just can’t get my head into what they are singing about or how they look. The extreme hair and makeup, the tattoos, the piercings – it’s so boring. Really boring. What I’d like to see is kids that are clean and groomed and take music seriously along the lines of lyrics meaningful to more than just 13 and 14 year old spoiled brats.

But I do like reading the ads in this magazine. You can learn a lot about a variety of things in today’s pop culture by reading the ads. Especially if you have an interest in liquor and electronics. You’ll read about things you aren’t exposed to in any other popular medium. That’s the downside of targeting ads to narrow demographics. The slick marketing pros in NYC and LA don’t always get it right.

Making it Harder to Get to California

Can’t believe that Southwest Airlines is starting to knuckle under. They announced today that they are cutting back on flights. Of course, one of the routes getting the axe is the one I take – the only nonstop from Nashville to Oakland. All the other flights add 2 hours to that trip and it’s long enough as it is. And changing planes always puts you at risk of missing that connection. To be honest, the most I am comfortable on a plane is the 4 hour flight to Las Vegas from here. Anything farther than that and I start feeling cooped up and get really restless sitting on a plane – especially when there are crying babies on board.

On a good note, Southwest is the only airline this year that is still operating in the black. All the others are in the red. That says a lot for Southwest’s excellent management practices and their customer service. They’ve always been good to me and I can’t say that for the other airlines, especially with some of the horrendous experiences I’ve had with American and Northwest. So I’m glad to see the good guys are still winning.

When I fly, I always check Southwest for an available flight first and it has to be an extreme situation for me to fly on a different airline. There are only a few cities that Southwest does not service from here, and most of the time I don’t have to go there, thank goodness. I love their website – its so easy to make reservations and check in online – I can’t believe we used have to make long phones calls and stand in line for everything that now just takes a few clicks.

I Spy

One of the guys at the warehouse works for us part time and for his other job he works security for a chain of local convenience stores. I gave him a call tonight and told about my concerns in the neighborhood and he suggested I put a couple cameras on the exterior doors and the driveway. He has a bunch of that kind of technical stuff in his garage and he’s going to bring some of it with him tonight to let me borrow the cameras and controllers. He says they are easy to mount and are wireless, so I can have them up tomorrow in just a few minutes. They run the video feed to a regular CD or DVD player or to a personal computer. So I can record any activity and have a record of it to show the police. This is cool – I’m totally up for this little spy game.