The company will be giving out new cell phones and PDAs next month and my manager has asked which I would prefer. I’ve never had a PDA and not sure I really have a need for one, but then I would like to take advantage of the offer if there are features I could use for work.

I think PDAs are great for people who are out of the office a lot and need to keep a calendar and contact list synchronized. I am hoping to travel more in my position over the next year, so getting a PDA now and setting it up so I know how to use it most efficiently might be the way to go.

Easter Dinner – In The Bag

Went to the Honeybaked Ham store yesterday and it was a madhouse. The line was horrendous – it snaked around the aisle guards inside the store and overflowed out to the sidewalk. These are great hams, but OMG – are they worth standing in line for an hour? No.

On the way home I passed a second Honeybaked Ham store. On a lark, I pulled up to see how long the line might be here. What a surprise – there was no discernable line at all. Then I got suspicious – maybe they had sold out and were going to have to close early? No – thank goodness.

Parked and went into the store – only had 3 people in front of me and I was out of the door with my ham in less than 10 minutes. There will be a feast tomorrow, guaranteed.


The first day of spring is my favorite first day of the year. Spring and Easter mean new babies, fresh flowers, buds on the trees and bushes, and warmer days ahead.

The old saying turns out to be true this year – March came in like a lion but it is going out like a lamb.

We are having warm, sunny days and enough rain to give everything a fresh start.

Happy Birthday Bro

One of my brothers was born on this day, 45 years ago. It was a great day for our family – he added a whole new dimension to our childhood.

As a kid, he had an insatiable curiosity of how things work. He would take anything and pull apart to understand how it was put together and then he would put it back together again. He’s a genius at fixing things.

So today I hope he and his lovely wife find a way to celebrate his birthday and that he continues to have the strength to blow out all those candles as they are really starting to accumulate! I think they melted the frosting!