Feeling Good

There must be hundreds of thousands of people who get up every morning and smile right away. They are embracing the new day and are looking forward to whatever treats the new day has in store for them.

Then there are the others who wake up dreading what troubles the day will bring. Some of them have good reason – they are facing a day in court or perhaps a job performance review, a dispatch to the front lines of a war, or a difficult medical procedure. But many people are just depressed from their normal quality of life and daily troubles.

I wish I had the solution to the people who drag themselves through the day feeling depressed and sad. That must be awful. I try to start my day with a smile and a good cup of coffee. It doesn’t always work out that way, but I do make the effort.

Blogs Junkie

Each morning I try to read the online versions versions of 3-4 newspapers and then I try to reach 5-6 blogs of people or groups that I like. My very first exposure to a blog was just a couple of years ago when I accidentally came across a dot com that was a blog and I read it out of curiosity. I was hooked immediately.

When I decided to write my own blog I looked into the various formats and decided on using WordPress. It is easy to learn and use, and it is free to download and install. If you are looking for help with blogs, start with WordPress.

What You Don’t Know About Lawsuits

Most people think that getting an attorney and starting a lawsuit means they will be coming into money in a few months. Wrong.

In today’s world, finding a lawyer and getting a good lawyer are two different things. For most cases, if the lawyer doesn’t think you have a good case and a chance of winning but they are desperate for money, they won’t just work on a percentage of the case proceeds when you might win. Most want their expenses covered and often an hourly fee paid each month as time goes by whether you win or lose your case. And if you are lucky, and have a good lawyer and a good case, you might come out with some money in about 2 years. But 95% of the lawsuits end up with little or no money actually ever collected.

Desktop Audit

My blogger friends are sending around a “Meme” that asks you to post what’s on your desk. At the office I work in a cubicle with a wraparound desk and overhead bins that close and hide the mess. Here’s what’s actually out on the desktop and my little cubbie’s bulletin board:

  • my laptop and docking station
  • a cheap personal laser printer (for quick printing rather than going to the company network printer)
  • a little desk lamp that I brought from home to soften the flourescent lighting
  • my company phone
  • a docking station for my cell phone
  • four in and out trays
  • a Big Dogs coffee mug to hold my pens, scissors, highlighters, etc.
  • this year’s Predators team calendar
  • photoframe with snapshot of my buddies and me at my Hooter’s birthday party a couple years ago
  • a map of the U.S. divided into our company’s sales regions
  • printout of the company phone directory
  • a stack of business magazines

Kinda boring desktop, isn’t it? I have a policy of not keeping any personal stuff on my desk except maybe one or two photos. After the last job when I got fired and escorted to the door for being ethical and not doctoring the numbers on the sales reports that my boss demanded, I want to be able to leave with just one box of my personal belongings in a box and be gone with just one trip out the door to my car.

So, come on and tell me what’s on your desk and send me the link to your blog so I can read it!