Get Rid of Maury Davis!

Just because a guy is charming and persuasive, should we all go listen to and believe in whatever crap spews out of his mouth while prancing around a pulpit in front of TV cameras?

I think that someone who has committed murder and spent 8 and half years in jail is NOT someone that I want to listen to about God and morals.

3 thoughts on “Get Rid of Maury Davis!

  1. All I can say to your comment is…”uneducated” people make comments on A LOT of things that they have never taken the time to review, investigate, or in this case, go and listen to an “annointed man of God!”
    His heart, his character, and his teachings are uncomparable to anyone that I have ever meet in my 53 years! God gives all of us “Many Chances” in life as I’m sure you have had yours time and again! Come and visit Cornerstone Church sometime and witness first hand the amazing gift/talent that ONLY GOD could have given this Pastor. When we ask forgiveness for our sins, The Bible says we become “new creatures” in Christ…come see “the new creature” that Pastor Davis has become. His heart if full of God, love, and compassion for his church, friends and everyone in general. He had a “REAL GOD EXPERIENCE” in jail and has been forgiven and annointed beyond measure! Only God can do that!
    (Oh, and by the way “he doesn’t just act like that “in front of the cameras” what you see and hear from Pastor is “WHAT YOU GET” 24/7!)

  2. Thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment on my post about getting rid of Pastor Maury Davis.

    How much money in “offerings” has he scammed you out of?

    I’ve heard his sermons for years. They are well written and well delivered, but they are still coming from the mouth of a murderer.

    How about asking the family of the guy he killed how THEY feel about Davis getting rich off the backs of hundreds of followers? Ask the family of the victim how they feel about his “real God experience.”

    Someone who I look up to will be walking the walk before talking the talk, and he’ll continue to walk the walk in spite of all the temptations and barriers that life puts in his way. But I guess that’s just me.

  3. Thank you taking the time to share your thoughts and beliefs with me. I am surprised that my little corner of the blogoshpere has attracted so much interest from people that I had no idea were readers and fans.

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