Get Your Car Loan Before Car Shopping

Eventually the only cure for a bucket of bolts is to retire the old Nelly and get a new car. The problem with getting a new car is figuring out how to pay for it. After all these years, I have figured out some of the better ways to do that.

When I have a good idea what type of vehicle I want to get and what the ballpark purchase price might be, I shop around for the car loan before I ever step foot on the dealer’s lot. It strengthens your negotiating position to have your financing arranged before haggling with the dealership. I used to go to my bank and the big finance companies to shop for a new car loan, but they have gotten harder and harder to deal with over the years.

The Pledge

Haven’t heard a peep out of the TV or any ads or buzz anywhere about this movie called, “The Pledge.” It stars the kids from Beverly Hills 90210, Luke Perry, all grown up and weathered-looking, as a cowboy and sheriff out for revenge. The bad guys killed his wife and son and he tracks him down. There are some turns of events and he ends up in a small town helping a beautiful woman and her son against the land grabbing town’s bigshot, who hires – surprise! – the same bad guy that the sheriff conveniently happens to be hunting.

It was a small budget film that felt like it might have been made for TV. The acting was good although everyone but Luke Perry was small time, and Luke isn’t a big attraction anymore – it was hard to get past the Beverly Hills association. But there was no sex, limited violence, and a fresh take on western cowboy shoot em ups that today’s kids just might embrace.