Kids Get Fall Break Nowadays

Not that I am any kind of geezer who complains about the “Good Old Days,” but it bothers me a little that today’s kids go to school on a totally different schedule than what I had to observe when I was in school. Around here, they start back to school the first week of August, which is more than a month earlier than when we started back the day after Labor Day, and that ends their “Summer Break.”

Then, the kids here get off two weeks for what they call “Fall Break,” then they get “Winter Break” and then “Spring Break.” Notice the pattern? They have removed references to holidays. Also, they have shortened what we called summer Vacation to just 2 months, instead of three. That is because they spread that other 4 weeks out during the year to give them longer “breaks.”

Maybe the kids like to have “Fall Break,” but what on earth do all the parents who work do with their kids being home for two weeks in October? I don’t know many employers who are going to happily let the moms stay home for two weeks, especially no one who works in retail when they are ramping up for the Christmas shopping season. There is not much to do in October – it’s too cold to go swimming or fishing and there are no festivals or fairs or anything fun to do with kids.

I think the school administrators are trying to gradually force year-round school on everyone and by sneaking in a few days here and there they are hoping that nobody notices. That annoys me greatly. I don’t agree with year-round school and I LIKE having the kids out of school for three months in the summer. And I like having time for the kids to play sports, go visit family, and just have fun being kids. What do you think about year-round school?

Bored With Facebook

Facebook has been a part of my daily life for over 3 years now. I actually don’t remember when I first discovered Facebook and signed up. I do know that I am not as eager and enthusiastic to reconnect with people as I was when it first came out. To be honest, I have purged my friend list down from close to 600 friend to a more manageable and peaceful 200 friends. The purging was hard to do, but necessary for my sanity. Too many trolls and nasty people polluting my wall every day. And those people who post YouTube videos every two minutes for an entire night drive me COMPLETELY NUTS!

But once I deleted all the drama people and the troublemakers, Facebook has become boring. Maybe I’ve just gotten my use out of it and it is time to move on to something else.

Shaming the Bad Vending Machines

photo of bad vending machine with sign

photo of bad vending machine with sign

It might be a good bet that everyone who used vending machines has lost their money in one at least once. Sometimes the machine takes your money and gives you nothing in return. Sometimes the machine takes your money and does not give any change back. And sometimes the machine drops the wrong item and you are stuck with it.

My biggest complain with vending machines is when you can see a row of the snack or candy items that you want and you know they are in there, but you put your money in and then it promptly rejects the money and you can’t buy what you want and there is nothing you can do about it. It’s not like it stole your money – it stole your hope!

Raising Teenagers is Tough

Have you ever noticed that there are very few advice and self help books on the subject of raising teenagers? I always say that the reason is that there are no experts on dealing with teenagers. No one has the magic answer to getting through the teenage years successfully.

It is really hard to deal with kids who are growing quickly, trying to deal with school and their peers, popular culture and testing boundaries. Anyone who can produce a kid that doesn’t end up in jail or pregnant before turning 18 is doing a good job. I know that is a low threshold, but it seems like the majority of kids cannot even measure up to that.

Eat Pray Love Barf

The Julia Roberts movie, Eat Pray Love was on the cable movie channel. So I started watching it. Maybe a good chick flick would be relaxing and maybe even romantic. After all, the title refers to Love. But it was really about some whack job looking to find herself and the men she ditched for no good reason other than she felt restless.

It was one of the most awful, pitiful movies I have ever watched. I was so disgusted with the main character that I wanted to slap the whine right out of her. I couldn’t finish the movie – it was too stupid. Awful movie – and even Julia Roberts couldn’t save that piece of claptrap.