Free Antibiotics at Publix

Sometimes you just can’t fight off an infection on your own and you need to drag yourself down to the doctor and get a prescription. This is a last resort for those of us with no medical insurance. Going to the doctor is not something you can afford to do unless it is a serious condition and you must have a prescription to get healthy.

Thank goodness for Publix grocery stores providing free antibiotics at their pharmacies. Of course, while you are waiting the 15-20 minutes for them to fill your prescription they are banking on you shopping for groceries in their store, so it’s a form of a loss leader for them. And it mostly worked in my case – I spent the 20 minutes of wait time walking the aisles, picking up sale items and Publix branded generics that were a good price.

So my free prescription actually cost me about $70. But I get to eat the benefits and I’ll be healthy again in 10 days or less. So, thank you, Publix.

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