Party Till You Puke

newyear 2012

OK – so this in not New York City and Dick’s Last Resort is not Times Square. Maybe we can do that next year. But I need more than a couple of weeks notice to get that kind of money together. So this was close by, tons of fun, and right on the edge of the downtown craziness. Worked for me!

Mall Madness

Gift cards in hand, we headed out to the mall. The place was a mob scene. I knew when we had to park a half mile away from any entrance that it was a bad sign. We went in against my better instincts. I saw a lot of sale prices, but also a lot of empty racks and stuff in the wrong sizes. This is what I hate about shopping. After an hour of that madness we gave up. Maybe one night next week after work we’ll feel brace and head out again. But today, I’m done with stores and the mall.