Spin Ads

Reading through this month’s Spin Magazine I am struck by how many ads are targeting the younger demographic that must read this magazine regularly with products that are not necessarily good for them or helpful to them other than designer clothing lines.

The inside cover is a special slick trifold page that gives this advertiser 4 actual full pages of exposure for 1800 Tequila.

The next two pages are DKNY Jeans, and the next two pages are for VanHeusen shirts – their Studio line.

The next two pages are Quiksilver shirts, jeans and hoodies.

The next two pages are Ben Sherman coats. I guess it’s coats. Can’t tell for sure.

Then we finally get to a page that I thought might be a table of contents page opposite a full page ad for Boost cell phones. But it’s not a table of contents. Its a page called Spin Flash with photos from four of the summer’s big concerts.

Then FINALLY a table of contents page, opposite an ad for Hennessy cognac.

So to just get to the table of contents page we’ve been exposed to:

  • Liquor – 5 pages
  • Clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories – 8 pages
  • Cell Phones & Electronics – 1 page
  • Personal Care Products – 0 pages
  • Music & Concerts – 0 pages

So for fun I went through the rest of the magazine and tallied the rest of the ads into basic categories. The rest of the magazine might have halfpage ads or quarter page ads, but I’m counting the occurrences of the types of ads, so some pages maybe be counted twice if they contain two half page ads.

  • Liquor – 12 pages
  • Clothing, shoes, handbags & accessories – 16 pages
  • Cell Phones & Electronics – 6 page
  • Personal Care Products – 2 pages
  • Music & Concerts – 16 pages
  • Other – 9 pages

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