Stock up on Candy

My grocery store trip included two big bags of candy. But I cannot believe how expensive candy is now! I almost never buy candy for myself – I just don’t even go down that grocery store aisle on a regular shopping trip. But since this weekend is Halloween, I wanted to have some candy on hand for the trick or treaters.

Of course, I bought candy that I like. So if there are not many kids this year, Whatever is leftover will not go to waste. I t would be a real shame to throw away perfectly good candy, now wouldn’t it?

Eat Pray Love Barf

The Julia Roberts movie, Eat Pray Love was on the cable movie channel. So I started watching it. Maybe a good chick flick would be relaxing and maybe even romantic. After all, the title refers to Love. But it was really about some whack job looking to find herself and the men she ditched for no good reason other than she felt restless.

It was one of the most awful, pitiful movies I have ever watched. I was so disgusted with the main character that I wanted to slap the whine right out of her. I couldn’t finish the movie – it was too stupid. Awful movie – and even Julia Roberts couldn’t save that piece of claptrap.

Still Grilling

Thank God for Indian Summer. It got cold for a few days, which always gets the leaves to turn color. Then it gets warm again. So I can still grill my supper most nights.

That’s what I love about the South. Almost never too cold and nasty to grill. Those suckers up north have to deal with soups and stews in the winter. But down here we are still barbecuing and grilling steaks outside on the deck. Oh, snap!