Bees and Wasps

For some reason my yard is full of bumblebees this year. I noticed a couple of them about 2 weeks ago hovering around the rose bush by my mailbox. Then a couple days ago I noticed there were 5 or 6 bumblebee buzzing around the rose bush. Of course, the rose bush is in full bloom right now, so it is obviously very attractive to bees. But I do not remember seeing so many of them buzzing this bush last year.

There is a new wasp nest in the soffit of my roof, just around the corner from my front door. I have seen 3 or 4 red wasps flying about the yard this week, but I couldn’t find the nest. But this morning as I was going out to get the Sunday newspaper, I noticed a wasp flying over my head and as I tracked him with my eyes I noticed the next tucked away in the soffit. So next time I’m at the hardware store I’ll have to pick up a can of wasp killer and take out that nest. I can put up with the bumblebees as eco-friendly gesture but I can’t abide the red wasps.