Sheila Bumped Into Me

Pushing my grocery cart through the aisles at Food Lion I was all about trying to find the 9 or 10 things on my shopping list and out of the blue someone bumped into my cart and burst out laughing. My first reaction was to frown, well, scowl and snarl, actually. But then I saw that it was Sheila and I had to bust out a laugh, too.

I cannot believe that Sheila shops at the same grocery store that I do. She is clear on the other side of the Lake and the Kroger is much closer to her. But she says that she likes the smaller store because she can get what she wants and check out ten times faster than going to the huge, crowded Kroger. So I have to agree, I avoid the Kroger for quick trips like today and only go there once every 4 to 6 weeks to stock up on meat and other things that Food Lion doesn’t carry.

School Calendar Controversy

The new Superintendent of Schools has decided that the only way the kids here will learn enough to pass the minimum grade levels tests is to go to school for more days out the year. He wants to take away most of the summer vacation days and make them go to school earlier in the year.

I already think it is ludicrous for the kids to start back the first week of August. That is awfully early to be going to school when most of the rest of the country does not start until after Labor Day. As far as I am concerned, they need to bring in extra teachers and extra tutors to help the kids who are struggling. The kids who are average and better are being punished for being in the same classes as the dumb ones.