Jumper Cables Came in Handy

One of the ladies at work had car trouble today so I tried to help her out. Melinda is a nice person and I don’t interact with her much on the job, but I didn’t mind helping her out. I have a pair of battery cables in the trunk and I gave her car a jump start. I told her to drive it at least 20 minutes without turning it off so the battery will have a chance to re-charge. I hope she got home OK.

One of Those Days

Ever have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? It’s like everything I touch breaks, falls, spills or something bad happens.

I tried to change the water in the fish bowl this morning and I killed the fish accidentally. That made me incredibly sad and frustrated. Trying to do a good thing and mess it up. I think I’ll take a nap and start today over again.

Pizza at Home

Tonight I had a craving for pizza. I was about to call Domino’s when I realized I was low on cash. I c never get pizza delivered for less than $20 and it is usually more than that. So I drove up to the Food Lion and bought two D’Giorno frozen pizzas on sale for five bucks each. They cooked up in 20 minutes, which is less time than Domino’s takes for delivery nowadays. They tasted pretty good. At leas they satisfied my craving for pizza tonight and dinner only cost me ten bucks!

Great Profile Picture

profile pic

Clicking through a bunch of Facebook profiles last night, I came across this one. It caught my eye because of the intense colors. Then I realized that there were wings that looked like they were attached to her back. What a very cool pose!