Late Night Walk

Last night I couldn’t sleep, I got up, pulled on my jacket and took a walk around the neighborhood. It was interesting to see which of my neighbors leave lights one all night. Some have a totally dark house and others leave the porch light on.

I think I would be more inclined to like the people who leave the light on – it seems more hospitable. But then again, maybe they do it out of being paranoid and having safety concerns. I guess some people feel better about having lights on to deter criminals.

It’s logical to think that someone breaking into your house would prefer to do that in the dark instead of standing under a bright light. But then again, who is up and about at 3:00 to see who is breaking into houses? Except people like me who can’t sleep and happen to walking by. But I saw nothing suspicious and after about 20 minutes of fresh air, it suddenly hit me that I was very tired. I got home and fell out.