Just the Sound Guy

sound guy

Found this poster on Facebook today. I think the person who made this up knows what he is talking about. The sound guy has a great job, but its not all glamour – it can be a lot of grunt work. Still, there’s no music without a sound guy who knows what he’s doing!

Thats Amore

Anybody remember that old Dean Martin song, “That’s Amore?” I don’t know if it was from a movie soundtrack, of from one of his stage shows – or maybe his TV show that he had for a year or two back in the 1960’s.

I know my mom was crazy in love with Dean Martin – she thought he was the sexiest man in the world. It pissed off my dad sometimes to her her swoon about Dean Martin, but its not like Dean was going to come here and snatch up my mom and run off with her. I think it’s kind of stupid to be jealous of a movie star or famous singer. People need to have pretty people in their lives. It is good to have a good looking person be in your fantasies. That’s what keeps a spring in your step and a spark in your eyes. It’s not like we really want to run off with those people – it’s more about re-affirming the goodness in our lives and nothing to be jealous about.

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra will always be cultural icons. I just hope that kids in the next generation will see see the movies and TV documentaries about the Brat Pack and hear the songs they sang so they appreciate what it was like to have the crooners and vocalists of the days gone by.

Marble Cakes are so Pretty

So my little sister Felicia got a domestic bug and went nuts in the kitchen last night. She was baking cakes and making tea and frying up fish and all kinds of things like homemade french fries. I tell you, she can cook when she gets motivated. We just haven’t figured out exactly what it is that motivates her. My mom usually has to do all the cooking in that house and Felicia just flies around doing her own thing.

She made a marble cake and brought it over to my house this afternoon. When I got home there was a cake with chocolate icing on the kitchen table and no note. I was a little freaked out about who would have baked a cake and brought it over to my house and just left it there. Hell, if it was my ex she might have put rat poison in it. I was afraid to eat it!

But then Felicia called and told me that she made it for me. I cut into it and poured a tall glass of cold milk and it was really nice. Pretty, too.