Romantic Gesture

My girl was down in the dumps – don’t know what was wrong, but she needed some cheering up. I stopped by the grocery store at lunch and picked up a few things to fix for dinner. this stuff needs almost no chef-attitude or skill – just open bags and boxes, heat up and put on the table.

I got a bag of salad greens and a little box of grape tomatoes. Then I got a package of potatoes in a tub, already mashed and seasoned with butter. I got a plank steak and a bottle of A-1 Mesquite marinade. And a bottle of merlot.

On the way to the checkout counter I picked up two eclairs from the bakery and a pair of votive candles.

No she doesn’t have to do anything to cook – I can handle the grill and the microwave on my own. I might let her set the table and light the candles, and she can choose the tunes on the stereo – maybe some jazz by chris Isaac.

Love my girl and want to cheer her up – hope this does it tonight.