Last of the Re-Runs

I don’t know about you but I am pretty much sick of the reruns on TV. I think it is ridiculous that I pay a huge cable bill – about $200 per month to Comcast for cable and internet – and there is not one damn thing that I want to watch on TV. How many channels are there now? Three hundred cable channels with TV shows? How many movie channels? And then there are the music channels, On Demand, Sports, etc. I don’t even know how many total channels but the numbers on the remote go way up over 1,200. And there are re-runs and the same old, same old crap movies.

Thankfully, some of the shows I like are having their premiere TV series shows next week. The one I am looking forward to the most is the new season of Sons of Anarchy. I am curious to see how the story line develops. I know that the writer, Kurt Sutter, had no idea he would be writing this series for 5 seasons when he started this. It was actually obvious last season that he was burned out on his original storyline and was just grasping at straws to give us something that made any sense at all, as long as people were getting shot and stabbed and beat up – he didn’t care of it made any sense any more.

There will be a handful of new shows coming out over the next couple of weeks that looks interesting from the previews they have been running. Nothing particularly comes to mind, but I will have to start paying attention and write out  a calendar of show premieres that I want to watch so I don’t inadvertently make plans on a special premiere night and miss one.

Even so, I don’t like much of network TV anymore. The cable channels are putting out the best new shows. I’m looking forward to SOA, Person of Interest, and then a long wait for the next season of Games of Thrones. Anything after those three shows are really just mind gravy for me.

Big Cook Out Plans for Labor Day

Tomorrow is the first holiday this year that I am actually looking forward to. This is one holiday that needs no travel, no expensive gift giving, and I can just relax and enjoy good food with good friends. That is what life is supposed to be about, and I intend to do more of just that!

This weekend has been just like every other weekend, but tomorrow is Labor Day, and my neighbors are throwing a min-block party with kegs of beer, everyone grilling, and people showing up with salads and covered dishes.

I am grilling corn on the cob for my part, and also bought a bunch of melons and spent almost 2 hours today carving out the watermelon, honey dew and 2 kinds of cantaloupes to make a melon salad for everyone. It takes a long time using that little half round melon ball scoop! Usually I just cut melons into chunks for eating at home, but since this is a big party, I thought I would go fancy and make them into melon balls and then put them back into a carved watermelon rind. The carving is not real fancy, but I was able to make it look somewhat like a basket. I should take a picture and post it on Facebook tomorrow after I set it all up.

Looking forward to chilling with friends and neighbors and chowing down tomorrow afternoon. Not much chance of rain, high’s in the 80’s and it should be a perfect day!

Air Show This Weekend

This weekend might mean Mother’s Day to most people, but to fans of airplanes and the military, this weekend is Air Show Weekend.

Last year was the return of the annual airshows to this area. They had to stop for several years because of funding and sponsorship problems. But they worked it out and came back last year. They always do the show in May, when the weather is mild and the not too hot to be standing on the tarmac for an entire day. Just a shame that they do it on Mother’s Day, as there are already a lot of traditional activities here tied into Mother’s Day celebrations. Last year’s show was a fantastic weekend, even though it rains for a short time in the middle of the show.

This weekend will be very much like last year’s except that the Blue Angels will be flying this year. That will be a real treat. I can’t wait to watch them.

photo of jets at air show 2011

Last year it was not the Blue Angels, it was the other flying team, the Thunderbirds. There is only one other flying team that performs at air shows in North America, the Canadian Forces Snowbirds. The fighter jets that they fly are the newest accomplishments of aviation engineering and military might. If you have a chance to attend an air show, it will be an impressive display and a memorable day for the entire family.

Party Till You Puke

newyear 2012

OK – so this in not New York City and Dick’s Last Resort is not Times Square. Maybe we can do that next year. But I need more than a couple of weeks notice to get that kind of money together. So this was close by, tons of fun, and right on the edge of the downtown craziness. Worked for me!

New York City?

So, we were talking about New Year’s Eve and if we should stay local or maybe go somewhere to celebrate. Alexa wants to stay home and not worry about drunk drivers and the chance of getting mugged or something bad happening. She wants to make sure the New Year starts out happy and with everybody that she loves safe.

I’m fine with staying home, but it is not the same as being out in the street for a big party with free concerts and fireworks and 100,000 drunks singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Heck, if we are going to go out, why not just do it up and go to New York City? That is one big party at Times Square! Wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of that?