Good New Show – Inside Man

There have been a lot of changes at CNN over the past month of two and several new cable TV shows that are pretty interesting. I watched the new “Inside Man” on CNN that comes on Sunday nights and found it pretty interesting. The show’s topics are timely and relevant and although I don’t always agree with the viewpoint they present, I like the information that they researched.

The first show was about medical marijuana, the second show was about guns, and the show tonight is about illegal immigrants. All of those subjects are controversial and have pending legislation at both state and federal levels.

There are other good shows that come on Sunday nights, so I might have to look into getting a DVR or some way to record the conflicting shows for watching later. I would like to only spend one hour per night watching TV rather than four hours on Sunday night and then nothing on Monday or Tuesday nights.

And the Unknowing Leads the Unwilling


I made a comment on a Facebook post about ignorant Southerners and I got myself into a flame war with people I don’t even know. Some guy went nuts on my about calling Southerners ignorant and what did I mean by that. He was all fired up. I looked up the definition of ignorant in the online dictionary, just to make sure I wasn’t misusing the word. But I was right and I held my ground on the argument. It was all just semantics. But I do know my vocabulary.

Craziness in the News

The headlines this past week or so have been pretty disturbing. There are natural disasters, like the flooding along the Mississippi River. There are all kinds of politic announcements – like Trump not running but Newt is running. Ron Paul is running and no one has heard from Palin for a while.

Schwarzenegger and is wife have split because she just found out about a love child born within days of her own baby. And now some religious kook says the world is going to end this weekend.

This is all too much for this old boy to take in and process. I think I will be better off if I just down watch TV for a few days and avoid the newspapers, too.

Attacking the Dropout Rate

Our new mayor is getting serious about his campaign promise to attack the dropout rate in the county. But he might be a little too late. Evidently, the state has taken over the county schools and has their own plan of attack in mind. They fired most of the school principals and moved people around all over the county, giving some promotions and others just re-assigned to where they can do less damage.

I would love to see the schools get serious about making the school campus a safe and pleasant place for our children to spend the better part of their days. If you’ve not been inside a public school lately and seen the awful conditions, listened to the demeaning and humiliating way that the teachers and school staff talk to the students, and actually looked inside their current textbooks to see what they are supposed to be learning – you can’t begin to understand the ginormous problems we are facing in trying to improve or revamp our public education system here.

Welcome to Twenty Ten

This is the start of a new year and also a new decade. The year Twenty Ten has great promise for us all, as our President gets settled into office and is able to use his influence to create the great changes that he has promised to bring us. There have been some economic stimulus plans, such as “cash for clunkers,” that were a huge success. Now we need to see some serious, lasting jobs created and help for Americans to keep or buy homes, and a new approach to our health care.