Photo Galleries

There are several ways to include photographs and graphics in a web site. Most depend upon the theme and a choice of plugins or widgets.

Photos and graphic elements are often part of the header, such as the logo, the site’s background and a favicon for browser tabs. On the home page you often find buttons, avatars, social media icons and banners. Interior pages may include maps, photo galleries, and blog posts that can use featured images as well as photos inserted directly into or throughout the post to illustrate relevant parts of the post content.

Other social media relies heavily on photographs and graphics. Facebook expects users to upload a profile photo and a cover photo.Users also can upload photos to their page or share them with friends, and they create albums on Facebook to keep them organized and archived. Facebook ads almost always have a graphic element to attract interest.

WordPress recognizes the interest in photographs and has built in features that allow a single photo or a collection of photos to be easily uploaded and displayed in a variety of ways. To share a collection of photos, WordPress users can organize and activate a gallery, then insert the gallery into a post or on a page.

Galleries have a variety of features, from the layout of choice to sizing, adding text, and special effects, such as sliding across the page, fading in or out, showing a row of thumbnails below one larger image selected from the group.