The Pledge

Went to Sam’s Club today to pick up a few things and I always cruise the CD and DVD aisle to see if there are any bargains or if they have a new release that I just can’t live without. One of the things that aggravates me about shopping for DVD’s at Sam’s is the way they have built a locking display case around all the new releases so that you can’t just pick up what you want and go to the checkout with it. This is a huge barrier to making a sale and I can’t believe that someone in management can’t figure out a better way to stop theft and still serve their customers with this extra time and effort to buy a $20 DVD.

Anyway, over in the section where they evidently don’t give a shit if you steal these older or less popular releases, I found a new western starring, of all people, Luke Perry, as the cowboy who was done wrong and goes out for revenge. It’s called, “The Pledge” and I haven’t seen any ads for this movie but since it is a western and I could take it off the shelf without the security hassle of the other movies, I went ahead and bought it. Hope it’s a good one.

Happy Birthday America!

I love the Fourth of July. It’s a great time of year for a holiday and it is all about good things and fun celebrations.

We used to go to parades at the beach every year, swim the rest of the afternoon, picnic on the beach and then watch the fireworks get shot off the pier as soon as it was dark enough. It never did rain on us – the weather was always perfect. And it all was free.

We especially love to watch fireworks. The best shows last for at least 30 minutes and are a combination of displays up high, some loud bangs here and there, and a ground display of spinning and shooting sparks.

Happy Birthday America!

Eating Right

I’m a big fan of a varied diet and I have to admit that I love food and I love to eat. Going out to a restaurant is always a fun adventure and I try to order different things off the menus to expand my culinary horizons. Of course, there are some places where I have my favorites and then it is a toss up if I will stick with the familiar that I know I love or take a chance and try something new.

This time of year looking good is even more important when the clothes you wear are shorter and more revealing than what you wear in the winter. Sorry to say that tee shirts and even golf shirts are very unforgiving about showing all the love handles and belly bulges that most middle age guys are carrying around with them. On the plus side, there are plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit for fresh salads and grilling, and it is easier to get exercise when the days are longer and the weather more conducive for outdoor activities.

No Broccoli

At the grocery store tonight there was a sign on the freezer doors in the vegetable sections saying that due to acts of nature and circumstances beyond their control, there will be shortage of frozen broccoli and possibly other vegetables this summer.

I’m not sure where the top broccoli producing states may be and what acts of nature were involved, but I suspect that with all the flooding in the Midwest these past couple weeks and the fires in California, there may well be shortages of other vegetables and fruit later this summer.

On a good note, there are plenty of cantalopes and they are wonderfully sweet and at a great price this week. I plan on eating fresh cantalope daily while this bounty is here in our local stores. And my tomato plants are producing 2-3 ripe tomatoes every day. Last night we dined on BLTs and they’ve never tasted better.

Critters in the yard

Night time sure brings out the critters in our neighborhood.

I was freaked out to discover there is a family of skunks living amongst us. I took out one of the dogs for a late night potty break and ran up on them in the driveway. It is an obvious mother skunk with 4 babies, although the babies aren’t tiny – they are about half the size of the mother. They are the weird mostly white color of skunks. Not like the Pepe Le Peu cartoon skunk that is almost all black with just a little white stripe. These skunks are about half white. At least that makes them easier to see in the dark – so I turned a 180 and cut short the potty break.

This morning we detailed the yard and got up any and all trash or food source that they could get into and I replaced the lightbulb at the back door so we don’t walk out of the basement in the dark and unexpectedly encounter Mama Pepe or any of her brood.