The Pledge

Went to Sam’s Club today to pick up a few things and I always cruise the CD and DVD aisle to see if there are any bargains or if they have a new release that I just can’t live without. One of the things that aggravates me about shopping for DVD’s at Sam’s is the way they have built a locking display case around all the new releases so that you can’t just pick up what you want and go to the checkout with it. This is a huge barrier to making a sale and I can’t believe that someone in management can’t figure out a better way to stop theft and still serve their customers with this extra time and effort to buy a $20 DVD.

Anyway, over in the section where they evidently don’t give a shit if you steal these older or less popular releases, I found a new western starring, of all people, Luke Perry, as the cowboy who was done wrong and goes out for revenge. It’s called, “The Pledge” and I haven’t seen any ads for this movie but since it is a western and I could take it off the shelf without the security hassle of the other movies, I went ahead and bought it. Hope it’s a good one.

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