Easter Dinner – In The Bag

Went to the Honeybaked Ham store yesterday and it was a madhouse. The line was horrendous – it snaked around the aisle guards inside the store and overflowed out to the sidewalk. These are great hams, but OMG – are they worth standing in line for an hour? No.

On the way home I passed a second Honeybaked Ham store. On a lark, I pulled up to see how long the line might be here. What a surprise – there was no discernable line at all. Then I got suspicious – maybe they had sold out and were going to have to close early? No – thank goodness.

Parked and went into the store – only had 3 people in front of me and I was out of the door with my ham in less than 10 minutes. There will be a feast tomorrow, guaranteed.

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