New York City?

So, we were talking about New Year’s Eve and if we should stay local or maybe go somewhere to celebrate. Alexa wants to stay home and not worry about drunk drivers and the chance of getting mugged or something bad happening. She wants to make sure the New Year starts out happy and with everybody that she loves safe.

I’m fine with staying home, but it is not the same as being out in the street for a big party with free concerts and fireworks and 100,000 drunks singing “Auld Lang Syne.” Heck, if we are going to go out, why not just do it up and go to New York City? That is one big party at Times Square! Wouldn’t it be fun to be a part of that?

Stock up on Candy

My grocery store trip included two big bags of candy. But I cannot believe how expensive candy is now! I almost never buy candy for myself – I just don’t even go down that grocery store aisle on a regular shopping trip. But since this weekend is Halloween, I wanted to have some candy on hand for the trick or treaters.

Of course, I bought candy that I like. So if there are not many kids this year, Whatever is leftover will not go to waste. I t would be a real shame to throw away perfectly good candy, now wouldn’t it?

Great Fourth

Lat night we watched some spectacular fireworks. Every year the City puts on a free show that is accompanied by the Nashville Symphony. I heard estimates that almost 200,000 people were downtown last night to watch the fireworks show. That is incredible. Thankfully, we avoided that mass of people downtown and went to a little place that I know about on a hill near the fire department. It was very nice weather, the show was great and we were home in less than 20 minutes after it was over.

Holiday Weekend

This weekend is the Fourth of July holiday weekend. The price of gas shot up almost 30 cents a gallon yesterday, as it always does right before a big traveling weekend.

I know a lot of people will be heading for the beach. We are staying home this year. Our vacation won’t come until October when we go to DC for two weeks

Looking forward to watching the fireworks here – we’ll probably go downtown rather than the show being hosted by the new shopping center in Mt Juliet. The traffic is bad downtown but it is ten times worse in Mt. Juliet. I’m sure the fireworks show will be just as good at either place, so I’m choosing the one with the least traffic congestion after it is over.

How Many Candles?

The problem with being this old is that there’s just too many darn candles burning on top of your birthday cake. I mean, there’s enough to set off the fire alarms in the office conference room already! But some brave soul decided to risk the fire alarm and bought me a birthday cake, which we gathered in the conference room to share this afternoon. That was really cool.

They also gave me a birthday card that someone had passed around the office – behind my back – and had everyone sign it.