The Elvis Sandwich

People have said for years that Elvis had a special sandwich craving that his private cook would make for him quite frequently – a banana and peanut butter sandwich.

I’ve been a fan of peanut butter sandwiches my whole life, but it wasn’t until I moved to the South and kept hearing about the Elvis sandwich that I ever got around to trying a banana and peanut butter sandwich, and to be honest, it’s quite good! It goes great with a glass of ice cold milk.

Another southern specialty is a fried bologna sandwich. Haven’t tried that one yet.


Tuna fish to me always meant a small round can of flaked, beige fish meat packed in oil or water that strongly resembles cat food. You used a can opener to go around the top edge and after the top clicked loose, you left it on the can so you have someplace to place your fingers and squeeze when you carry the can over to the sink and tilt it to drain off the liquid.

My mother made tuna by adding Kraft Mayonnaise, chopped white onion, chopped celery and bottled sweet pickle relish. Heap it on fresh white Wonder Bread and put a few leaf pieces from a head of iceburg lettuce. Serve with potato chips.

My stepmother had her own idea of tuna. She used Hellmans mayonnaise, if she used mayo at all. She preferred the sweet-sour taste of Miracle Whip. She chopped up one or two hard boiled eggs to add to the tuna, along with some chopped onion. I don’t recall any pickle relish or celery, but to be honest, I hated that tuna recipe and would do almost anything to avoid having to eat it, from I’m not hungry right now to I don’t want to spoil my supper when I get home (to my real mom after the Sunday child custody visitation was over).

Now I celebrate the diversity of tuna and enjoy it with a variety of add-ins, including sweet pickle salad cubes or chopped “bread and butter” pickles, a slice of American cheese of top or shredded any mix of cheeses stirred right into the tuna. Onions in or out. Add anything crunchy that you like. Put it on any kind of bread or roll you want, and put any kind of lettuce – or not – on it.

The only place I draw the line is that IF you include mayo, it MUST be Kraft real mayonnaise. Any other brand of mayo or “salad dressing” ruins it for me.

Good Food

What’s your favorite fast casual restaurant? I’m not talking about fast food like Mcdonalds. I mean a place where you can be seated without a reservation and a meal for two people will cost about twenty bucks.

I like O’Charleys better than Chilis and Applebys, but the O’Charley’s restaurants are a regional chain and are not in all the same cities that Chilis and Appleby’s will be.

I also like Cracker Barrel a lot, and love the way they will serve you a full country breakfast any time of day or night.

Turkey Day

Last week I bought a huge frozen Butterball turkey to enjoy on Thanksgiving. We took it out of the freezer and put it into the refrigerator to defrost 3 days ago. It is still as hard as a rock and I guess we will have to soak it in the kitchen sink or figure out how to use the microwave to finish thawing it out before we pop it in the oven today. I think the turkey is too big to even fit into the microwave. This will be an interesting problem to solve, with physics and logistic coming into play.

Looks like dinner will be in the evening rather than late afternoon as originally planned. LOL