One of Those Days

Ever have a day where absolutely nothing goes right? It’s like everything I touch breaks, falls, spills or something bad happens.

I tried to change the water in the fish bowl this morning and I killed the fish accidentally. That made me incredibly sad and frustrated. Trying to do a good thing and mess it up. I think I’ll take a nap and start today over again.

When the phone rings at 1:00 am

It was 1:00 am when my phone rang and I knew as I reached for it to answer that it would not be good news. When the phone rings in the middle of the night it is never good news.

A woman was calling, crying, to tell me that her son had just committed suicide by taking a massive prescription drug overdose. Both the mother and her son work for us in the warehouse, third shift. So she was calling to let me know that they would not be at work this morning. The bad news was a shock – I had no idea her son was so depressed that he would ever do anything like that and now I feel guilty for not paying more attention to him. How could I not see that something was so terribly wrong in his life that he would do this? But then, it came as a complete surprise to his mother, too.


As kids we were taken to several different places that let you “pick your own” fruits and vegetables. My parents would take us because we would save some money by picking your own, but also because it was a wholesome family activity that would keep us busy for sometimes hours at a time.

My parents believed that fresh picked not only tastes best but is healthiest for you, and I agree. We often went to a farm that grew strawberries and we would load up the freezer with fresh strawberries – my mom’s most favorite fruit in the world. We also picked other fruits and vegetables, and we patronized a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable stands that lined the Maryland highways, buying everything from fresh peaches to cantalopes to green beans to sweet corn.

When my children were young, we continued that tradition with them and they have picked many things from other’s gardens as well as our own. But our favorite has always been to pick blueberries. Not only is picking blueberries great family fun, but they freeze and keep well, and can be used in so many delicious things from the kitchen. There’s nothing like a stack of grandma’s fresh blueberry pancakes with melting real butter and warm blueberry syrup!

Even Facebook Gets Boring

When Facebook first came out, I had no idea what social networking meant and if I even wanted to get involved. My social life was pretty full and satisfying already, without any online help, thank you very much. But more and more of my friends were getting Facebook accounts and eventually I felt like the only one in my crowd that didn’t have a Facebook wall. So I caved and got one. But to be honest, after a year or so of being on Facebook, I’m bored.