Green Moth

There is a commercial on TV for Lunesta, which is a sleep aid. The commercial shows a woman who is a teacher who has a good night’s sleep, thanks to Lunesta, and wakes up so energetic that he gathers a bunch of junk and odds and ends and takes a big box of the junk to her class, where they all make musical instruments from it.

So throughout this commercial, there’s a magical little green moth that flies around and lands on her shoulder while she’s peacefully sleeping. I don’t really know what the green moth has to do with getting a good night’s sleep.

Honestly, I don’t know the technical difference between a moth and a butterfly. I suppose I used to know the difference – perhaps from biology class in high school. But I can’t recall much of the biology class – I hated it.

So when I found this on the door jamb, I was reminded of the commercial and all these biology questions have come flooding back. It stayed there all day, but sometime during the night it flew away. I suppose it landed on some blonde girl’s shoulder . . .

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