Pay the Man

Gotta do the taxes today and get them in the mail. I cringe at the thought.

Pretty sure I don’t ow any money, but just sifting through all the paperwork and reading the confusing instructions drives me up the wall. I hate filling in forms. I wish there was an easier way. I’d be fine with them figuring out how much tax I owe and them take it out of each paycheck, then only if you think you should get money back should you have to file anything.

Otherwise, let them keep the damn money they already raked in and let them fill out their own damn forms and leave me the hell alone.

Whether I get money back or have to pay money in, it’s tradition in my house to not fill out the forms until after work on the 15th, then drive the envelope up to the post office as close to midnight as you can risk having to get in the long line of other last minute filers and still get the postmark before midnight. It’s tradition, and you don’t mess with tradition.

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