I Am Legend

Will Smith’s newest DVD, I Am Legend, just hit the stores last month and I picked it up at “Wally’s World of All Things Cheap” on my faith that it would be good since, after all, Will Smith is the star.

The DVD has bonus materials and the website has some goodies for the fans, too. wouldn’t be surprised to see a Playstation game coming out with the must kill all zombies theme.

My son loves the movie – he’s watched it 3 times already. Now he runs around the yard with his super pumper water gun killing pretend zombies.

Interesting concept – that everyone dies quickly from a genetically engineered virus. It was loosely based on fact – as the AIDS virus was manufactured by and released by our government. Only problem is that it takes a long time for someone to die of AIDS, otherwise they had quite a weapon, didn’t they?

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