Wind Farms for Energy

Years ago as we drove through Nevada and Southern California I was impressed by the lines of wind turbines along the ridges of the hills. The massive towers and slowly swirling blades are silent sentries generating electricity for homes and businesses without polluting the environment. The land around the base of the towers can still be planted and farmed, and livestock can still graze safely. Although some people have called them ugly, I think they are majestic.

With a little research on the internet I found that not all areas of the U. S. are suitable for making use of the wind turbines. You must have a sustained wind of so many mph to be able to harvest enough wind to generate electricity. There are wind maps that show zones of the different levels of sustained wind, and in my area there is not enough natural wind to take advantage of the turbines.

Recently there were news stories about T. Boone Pickens and his energy plan to involves erecting hundreds of thousands of wind turbines throughout the midwest and western states. He has a web site with compelling videos and energy facts supporting the plan. I see he will be on CNN today and talking about the status of his plan. It’s worth taking a listen and getting involved if you agree with the strategy and want to help solve our Country’s energy crisis.

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