Long Road Out of Eden

One of my birthday presents was the new Eagles album, “Long Road Out of Eden.” I’ve heard one of the cuts on the radio, “Just Too Busy Being Fabulous,” which is a good song and an interesting commentary to people of my generation. So I cuoldn’t wait to hear the other songs on the double CD.

First time all the way through, my first impression was that the whole album sounded very typically Eagles. There were a couple songs that were easy on the ears and a couple that sounded a little edgey, and an instrumental that was absolutely haunting.

I had to listen to it a second time before I could say that I really like it. Now I am really starting to like a couple of the songs, especially “Waiting in the Weeds.” Now, I don’t really know what the song is totally about, but the tune is very catchy and I find myself humming along to it. I just need to listen for the words a little harder and figure it out. But overall, I like this album a lot.

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