Criminal Minds

Watched the rerun of Criminal Minds tonight that was about the Russian Mafia and bringing Kate Jackson from the original Charlies Angels show back to TV as a U. S. Senator.

The show had a lot of twists and turns, but honestly, I thought the storyline was pretty lame and unnecessarily gory. This season has not been as interesting as the first season, although the writers have tried to develop the ensemble of main characters more than the first season. It seems that the writers – or perhaps the network in directing the writers – has wanted to push the envelope on how macabre and gory they can get on network TV in today’s world. I don’t really like that approach and don’t think it is necessary for this series. If they continue in this direction next season I don’t think I’ll be watching it any more. I’m not a slasher movie fan and this is getting close to that.

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