Poor Man’s iPod

I love the Coby stick MP3 Player. It’s the poor man’s iPod.

I paid $19 for mine and it holds enough music for me to listen to a different song all the way from home to work, and from work to home again without repeating any of the songs. I don’t know how many Gigabytes or whatever that it holds, but it holds enough for what I want.

I picked up 3 of the Coby sticks and put different types of tunes on each one. They run on a single AAA battery and you can plug it directly into your PC to upload more tunes.

It doesn’t have to hold just tunes – you can use it as a flash drive or jump drive and carry home that big file you need to work on at home for the big meeting the next day. Very handy gadget – love the Coby stick.

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