April Fool’s

The COO played a joke on us today – it was so out of character for him that we all fell for it.

He called a staff meeting for 11:30 – which we all hate because his meetings can tend to run long and we are all sitting there with growling stomaches as the clock creeps past 12:30, then its 1:00 and we are all starving while he keeps talking. Sometimes I think he does that on purpose – but we won’t go into that.

So he called a staff meeting and we all got there at 11:30. But no COO. He’s never late, so we wondered if maybe he was stuck on a conference call or something. So we dispatched his secretary and the receptionist to go looking for him and couldn’t find him anywhere in the building.

At five minutes before noon, still no COO and we were just about to cancel the meeting ourselves and go back to our desks or out to lunch, when a guy shows up in the lobby with a hand truck loaded with boxes and bags from the deli and announces that he has brought lunch for the entire staff – compliments of the COO. He had called the meeting and then left to drive over to the deli and arrange for the lunch so that no one would know about it and spoil the surprise.

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