New Laptop

I have a Dell laptop that I love and was stupid enough to loan it to a girl who needed it for a few days. I figured I could do without for up to a week with not much inconvenience. She needed it to do a big project and had a chance to make some good money from the project, so I didn’t mind. But after a week went by I started to worry and finally called her to ask for it back. That’s when she said that she was having a problem with it turning on. Arrrgh.

I had her bring it back to my house and sure enough, it no longer turns on. She swears she has no idea what happened. That she had worked on it a couple times and everything was great, but then for no apparent reason it wouldn’t turn on.

After she left, I looked at it more closely and I can see where the back left corner of the case is cracked and it is obvious it’s been dropped. That so pisses me off. I can’t tell you how pissed off I am. Not really that she dropped it – if it was an accident, then so be it. But to lie to my face and not take any responsibility for it at all. ARRRGGHHH. I can’t deal with this – she’s on the top of my sh*t list and that’s not a good place to be.

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