Web Sites for Beginners

There are several family members clamoring for their own web sites. They already have tried MySpace pages and want to move up to something more sophisticated. They also want more control over the way the pages are laid out. So I’m trying to start them own the right path for finding the basic information they need and a few of the better resources they can use.

First, they have to buy the domain name that they want to use. There are so many domain names already registered that it is getting harder by the day to find an available dot com for the preferred names.

Second, they need to design the web page. There are lots of ways to get this done and I will be working on a list of resources for them that are free or low cost. Some web sites are dedicated to blogs and others are more complex, with submission forms, multiple pages, and extras like photo albums, music downloads, community calendars and other great features and tools.

Third, they will need web hosting. The domain they buy has to be assigned to a host for other people to be able to find it and to see it on the internet. There are thousands of hosting options and types. For the beginner, it is probably best to start out with the free or low cost hosting plans from a reliable hosting company.

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