Summer Storms

Heard on the news this morning that the midwest has had even more severe weather. It seems like Kansas especially has been hit by tornadoes this year and now a lot of the midwest states are having flooding, too. Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Oklahoma are all having a hard time this year.

When I decided to move here, the mild weather was one of the main attractions. Tennessee has all four seasons yet all four are relatively mild. The worst weather we have in the summer is the threat of severe thunderstorms with hail and high winds, and sometimes the threat of a tornado. In the winter we have the threat of an occasional snow storm or ice, but they usually only last a day or two and the past several years have been very mild with almost no snow at all.

With all the bad weather hitting the midwest, I’m glad that I chose Tennessee when I moved, instead of Illinois or Missouri. I’ll just go to those states for vacations and hang my hat here in Tennessee for most of the year.

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