Milky Way Farms

There’s a little town in southern Tennessee that has a lot of history. One of the better histories has to do with the man who invented the Milky Way bar and founded the Mars Candy Company, Frank C. Mars.

Frank and his wife, Ethel, bought a farm in Pulaski, TN and named it the Milky Way Farm. They bought all the adjoining land that they could over the years and ended up with almost 3,000 acres. They bred saddle horses, race horses and cattle on the farm, built a horse race track on the property, and their stables were the home the 1940  Kentucky Derby winner, Gallahadian, as well as many other champion thoroughbreds.

When the Snickers bar was invented by the Mars Candy Company, Frank named the candy bar after one of his horses.

The home they built on this estate was 25,000 square feet and had 21 bedrooms. The property also had 30 barns, 70 cottages and many outbuildings, including the famous “Crooked Sheep Barn.”

The property is now owned by a developer from South Carolina who is turning about 1,000 acres of the estate into a gated community and upscale village.

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