Good-bye, George Carlin

This is pretty freaky. Last Friday we were just talking about George Carlin. His name came up at the convenience store while standing in line, and then we talked about him on the ride home. A few years ago we went to a performance he did here at the Ryman Auditorium. We scored the most excellent seats, second row, just slightly off center stage, thanks to my friend at the radio station. We “won” them.

Anways, just as I was heading to bed I heard the talking head on the local news mention that George Carlin has passed away. Another shocker for the weeked – we figured George was so nasty and incorrigible that he’s be around for another 20 years. But it turns out that his heart gave out and he died in L.A., the Land of Angels.

So, good-bye, George – thanks for the years of laughter at your observations and your jokes. I grew up listening to your sarcasm and jokes pointed at our boomer generation. We’ll miss you.

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