Bible Covers

Love my new mini laptop that we bought a couple weeks ago. It is everything I need in a tiny, thin box about the size of a bible and weighing only about 2 pounds. I carry it with me everywhere and often leave it in the car under the front seat or on the front floorboard. Which suddenly gave me pause about the possibility of someone looking into the car while parked with the thought of stealing my stuff. Then I hit on a great idea – buy a bible cover to use as a carrying case. Who is going to steal a bible from my car?

So we headed to the Christian bookstore and shopped for a bible cover. They had a great selection of different styles and colors, and I picked one with a bible verse blazened on the front to go along with the camouflage idea. It’s actually quite handy – it is the perfect size for the mini laptop and it has inside pockets for pens, highlighters, business cards, and a small zippered pouch for money or credit cards.

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