This spring has brought so much rain and such a quick increase in temperatures that everyone seems to be having trouble with allergies this year.

I’ve tried a series of over the counter allergy medications and nothing seems to work for me. The pharmacist tells me that most of the allergy formulas have been changed to fight the drug abusers, and that the “good stuff” is not sold over the counter any more. That really blows – why should I have to go see a doctor and get a prescription for something that I used to be able to buy at will, as needed, on my own just because some lowlife trash wants to cook up batches of methadone and kill themselves off?

So I did go see the doctor for a $75 office visit fee and then bought a prescription allergy medication for $30 and spent $105 and two hours of my life to get a box of pills that should have cost $10 and taken 10 minutes to pick up from the local drug store.

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