Ice Road Truckers Marathon

I must be living under a rock lately because I have never heard of the show called “Ice Road Truckers” but yesterday stumbled across it while channel surfing. For some ungodly reason this documentary series is on the History channel – what this show has to do with history I could not tell you. But as I was surfing something about the show caught my eye and I was hooked.

They were running an all day marathon of the first complete season as a prelude to the night’s new season premiere. I missed the first several shows but watched a good number of them and then stayed tuned to watch the series premiere, too. It was riveting and I’ll be making a point of watching this every Sunday night from now one.

A “Go-To” How-To

Came across another “How-To” website tonight that looks promising, called Quamut. It’s a new internet venture by Barnes and Noble, completely different from any of their bookselling efforts. This site has professionally written articles on a variety of topics similar to a Wiki that you can read online free, but if you want to download the article for a printed reference that you can keep there is a small charge.

Each day there is a different download available free, so that is good incentive to keep coming back to the site every day. Today’s free download was about exterior painting. I grabbed that and put it on the wife’s desk. We’ve known for months that the exterior of the house needs a fresh coat of paint. This lets her know that we can do it ourselves if she’s willing, and we’ll save some money as long as we plan for a couple of days when the weather will be not too hot and not too much wind to paint.

Fish Fry

Every once in a while there is a fish fry held at a little log cabin down the road from us.

The log cabin was built by the James Buchanan family in 1809 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It has been lovingly restored by a nonprofit group of caring citizens who hold the fish fries as a fund raiser to maintain the property.

The log cabin has an interesting history and is a beautiful property. We stopped by to pick up two fish dinners and had a lovely time listening to old time string music and walking through the house to see how the Buchanan family lived almost 200 years ago.


Today was Vanderbilt’s Commencement Day. Traffic downtown was snarled way beyond typical rush hour. Vanderbilt’s campus is a huge part of uptown Nashville. It includes the colleges, dormitories, frat houses, the athletic fields and stadium, and both the regular hospital and the new children’s hospital.

Vanderbilt’s hospital is known for being a teaching hospital, with clinics for a variety of rare diseases. Their trauma unit is top notch – they have two helicopters for Lifeflight rescues and an unmatched emergency room.

Vandy deserves their excellent Ivy League reputation. Congratulations to this year’s graduating students!

May Day

The first of May has been celebrated for centuries, beginning as a Pagan custom. Back in the early days, May was celebrated with a ceremony of dancing around the may pole, appointing a May Queen, and bringing in flowers from the woods to decorate the homes and streets.

When I went to grade school at a private school, we celebrated May Day as a full day of festival, with each class performing for the rest of the classes of their parents. We had a may pole and carnival rides, food and music. It was such fun for the children and their families, and I regret that today’s children don’t participate in anything like May Day.