Thats Amore

Anybody remember that old Dean Martin song, “That’s Amore?” I don’t know if it was from a movie soundtrack, of from one of his stage shows – or maybe his TV show that he had for a year or two back in the 1960’s.

I know my mom was crazy in love with Dean Martin – she thought he was the sexiest man in the world. It pissed off my dad sometimes to her her swoon about Dean Martin, but its not like Dean was going to come here and snatch up my mom and run off with her. I think it’s kind of stupid to be jealous of a movie star or famous singer. People need to have pretty people in their lives. It is good to have a good looking person be in your fantasies. That’s what keeps a spring in your step and a spark in your eyes. It’s not like we really want to run off with those people – it’s more about re-affirming the goodness in our lives and nothing to be jealous about.

Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra will always be cultural icons. I just hope that kids in the next generation will see see the movies and TV documentaries about the Brat Pack and hear the songs they sang so they appreciate what it was like to have the crooners and vocalists of the days gone by.

Late Night Walk

Last night I couldn’t sleep, I got up, pulled on my jacket and took a walk around the neighborhood. It was interesting to see which of my neighbors leave lights one all night. Some have a totally dark house and others leave the porch light on.

I think I would be more inclined to like the people who leave the light on – it seems more hospitable. But then again, maybe they do it out of being paranoid and having safety concerns. I guess some people feel better about having lights on to deter criminals.

It’s logical to think that someone breaking into your house would prefer to do that in the dark instead of standing under a bright light. But then again, who is up and about at 3:00 to see who is breaking into houses? Except people like me who can’t sleep and happen to walking by. But I saw nothing suspicious and after about 20 minutes of fresh air, it suddenly hit me that I was very tired. I got home and fell out.

And the Unknowing Leads the Unwilling


I made a comment on a Facebook post about ignorant Southerners and I got myself into a flame war with people I don’t even know. Some guy went nuts on my about calling Southerners ignorant and what did I mean by that. He was all fired up. I looked up the definition of ignorant in the online dictionary, just to make sure I wasn’t misusing the word. But I was right and I held my ground on the argument. It was all just semantics. But I do know my vocabulary.

Raising Teenagers is Tough

Have you ever noticed that there are very few advice and self help books on the subject of raising teenagers? I always say that the reason is that there are no experts on dealing with teenagers. No one has the magic answer to getting through the teenage years successfully.

It is really hard to deal with kids who are growing quickly, trying to deal with school and their peers, popular culture and testing boundaries. Anyone who can produce a kid that doesn’t end up in jail or pregnant before turning 18 is doing a good job. I know that is a low threshold, but it seems like the majority of kids cannot even measure up to that.

End of Football Season

My home team was eliminated from the NFL playoffs last week. Now I have to listen to Elaine bragging about her team going to the Super Bowl. I like a little smack talk but wowza – she will be lording it over everyone until the possible minute of the season. People from New York can be so annoying.

It doesn’t really seem like watching any games today will give me much satisfaction. I am not a fan of any of the remaining teams. I think I’ll just close the book on football for this year. With the exception of the Super Bowl. And we all know that most people only watch the Super Bowl so they can see the very best of TV’s commercials.

The half time entertainment is going to be Madonna, so I really do not care about the Super Bowl other than the commercials. Isn’t that sad? To think that what should be a tournament of champions and have the whole country united during a game, that the only thing of interest is the commercials that will air?