Cash Talks

My personal war on the recession has been to continue spending at the same levels as I always have. But now I spend cash instead of putting it on credit cards and giving the banks more of my money. I don’t leave much money in the bank, either. I keep the minimum balance so I don’t have to pay a monthly maintenance fee. I never ever ever bounce a check. The banks are not going to get rich off of me.

FB at Work?

A survey by Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project was released todaythat measured the attitudes by Americans toward using Facebook at work.

The responses indicated that 56 percent say “it is irresponsible” to be friends with a boss.

On the other hand, 62 percent said it is wrong to be friends with an employee.

Among workplace peers, 76 percent claimed it is acceptable to be Facebook friends with a coworker.

And with a rising practice in the Human Resources departments, Americans are almost evenly split on whether companies should review a job candidate’s Facebook or MySpace personal profile. From those surveyed, 52 percent said it is appropriate for the HR people and 48 percent said it is unacceptable.

Welcome to Twenty Ten

This is the start of a new year and also a new decade. The year Twenty Ten has great promise for us all, as our President gets settled into office and is able to use his influence to create the great changes that he has promised to bring us. There have been some economic stimulus plans, such as “cash for clunkers,” that were a huge success. Now we need to see some serious, lasting jobs created and help for Americans to keep or buy homes, and a new approach to our health care.

Toys and Movies

Are there any new movies coming out that DON’T have a complete line of toys associated with them? I mean, the Transformers, the G. I Joe, and even the G-Force gerbils have toys filling shelves at the WalMarts, KMarts and Targets of the world. And let’s not forget the “happy meals” at all the fast food joints that come with the movie promoting toys and PR tie-ins.

Peek at Tomorrow’s Cell Phone

Some of the new things coming out later this year for cell phones doesn’t have so much to do with service or features but it will be the packaging.

That goes with the old merchant’s rule of thumb: if you can’t offer a new product, change the packaging.

The current models are coming out in new colors. Someone had the bright idea that women must love the color pink, so they came out with a pink phone case.

What will be coming out later include textured cases and other packaging “improvements.”