End of Football Season

My home team was eliminated from the NFL playoffs last week. Now I have to listen to Elaine bragging about her team going to the Super Bowl. I like a little smack talk but wowza – she will be lording it over everyone until the possible minute of the season. People from New York can be so annoying.

It doesn’t really seem like watching any games today will give me much satisfaction. I am not a fan of any of the remaining teams. I think I’ll just close the book on football for this year. With the exception of the Super Bowl. And we all know that most people only watch the Super Bowl so they can see the very best of TV’s commercials.

The half time entertainment is going to be Madonna, so I really do not care about the Super Bowl other than the commercials. Isn’t that sad? To think that what should be a tournament of champions and have the whole country united during a game, that the only thing of interest is the commercials that will air?