Dog Toys Without Stuffing

My dogs like the toys that have squeakers in them. I can bring home any toy with a squeaker and they are on it! If I bring home anything else, like a rope toy or a hard plastic ball, they could care less. The problem with a lot of the toys that have a squeaker is that they are surrounded by stuffing and sewn inside the toy. When the toys finally tear or chew through the outer skin of the toy to get at the squeaker, they also end up with clumps and pieces of the stuffing all over the place. I also have a bad feeling that they may be eating some of the stuffing, which cannot be good for them.

I t was gratifying to discover a new line of dog toys at the pet shop today. They have the same fur-like skin and a squeaker, but no stuffing. They are priced the same, which I found remarkable. They have less but charge the same? OK – I guess I can deal with that as the price I have to pay for not picking up clumps of stuffing.