Finding Time

Yesterday I was in a rush all day and it seemed like everywhere I went I was stuck in long lines or the clerk had tons of interruptions that left me standing idle. I often wanted to check the time and possibly re-arrange my planned stops, but it was incredible to me to have such a hard time finding a clock.

It seems that when I was growing up having nice clocks scattered about the house was important. There were different clocks for every room in the house, and the most revered clock was the grandfather clock that was either in the entryway or living room of most people’s homes. Businesses had clocks everywhere too, often with logos of their own business or logos of their suppliers and vendors.

I still love the grandfather clock and the old fashioned mantle clock like my grandmother brought over to America with her on the Queen Elizabeth in the 1920’s. Her clock was one of the few treasures she brought over from England and we all loved the way it chimed the Westminster chimes every fifteen minutes, with different chimes on the quarter hour, the half hour, and the hour and reminded her of London.

When we move to the new house we have already planned to buy a grandfather clock and place it in the entryway so that everyone who comes to our home will see it and have the chance to experience the chimes of a treasured timepiece.

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