Survival Books

While shopping today – my goodness we spent a lot of time and money in the stores today! – I found two new books that cover survival topics and my paranoid self decided I should buy them and read up on the subject.

The first book is called, “Survival Wisdom and Know-How,” which is everything you need to know to survive in the wilderness.

The second book is called, “Country Wisdom and Know-How,” which is everything you need to know to live off the land.

Both books are about 500 pages of no nonsense information on vital subjects. I can’t wait to have an hour outside on the porch swing to read through one and see how much I don’t know about the basics of survival without our modern conveniences.

Sending the Crowds Home

I was wondering of this economic downturn was going to affect attendance at the CMA Music Festival this year and I just read a report in the Business Journal that this year’s attendance was a record crowd. We had an average of 52,000 music fans here each day, almost a 10% increase over last year.

I think the fact that the artists performing were some of the top acts helped draw a lot of people. The festival is an excellent entertainment value and the fans proved again that country music has the biggest loyal fan base of all the genres.

Shopping for Bargains

While at shopping today I was paying a lot of attention to the prices and stocking up on things that were either on sale or at a good discount for buying in bulk. We’ve gotten a little spoiled these past couple of years by making good money and spending rather freely. Now, the economy is going in the tank – pun intended with the cost of gasoline at $4.01 a gallon now – and we need to cut back on the spending.

One way to make the dollar go farther is to use coupons and plan your shopping around those kinds of bargains. The wife has an online coupon site that she always checks before buying big ticket items and now we check it before going out shopping for all our purchases.

For example, we used to go to one of the local discount eyeglasses stores with the $39 vision exams and the two for one price on eyeglasses. But the wife wanted to go back to contact lenses, so we decided to price shop on that before getting pressured into buying them from the optometrist. We found good prices on the internet and with the discounts on the coupon site we can save a lot of money. With the new prescription we can order Acuvue and Freshlook lenses at cheap prices online and have a 6 month supply delivered to our house.

We had to buy a wedding present for one of my employee’s getting married next month, so we found coupons for linens and housewares and spent about an hour browsing the store for a gift. To wrap up all our gift giving duties for the summer we also took advantage of discount online shopping for handbags, wallets, backpacks and luggage.

With summer here and mosquitos becoming a problem each evening, we decided to stock up on heartworm medicine for the dogs and found some great deals online for pet meds instead of buying them for full price from the veterinarian. Still have to get the rabies shot from the vet, but we don’t have to pay full price for the Heartguard anymore.

While at the mall I saw some cool NHL gear at the Reebok store. But instead of paying full retail price at the mall, I went online at the coupon site and found some great discount deals on Reebok for both online orders and a coupon if you want to go back to their retail store. But since I can order online and have it delivered with free shipping, it doesn’t make sense to spend the gas money to go to the mall and fight through all the crowds anymore. I would rather just order from home and have it delivered, then spend the extra time and money on other things.

Spam Burgers

There was a commercial on TV last night that took me by complete surprise. It was for Spam burgers – with a video of a burger bun, thick slice of grilled Spam, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion, etc. A tasty alternative to beef burgers, I suppose.

So today, being a complete lemming when it comes to media’s influence on this generation, I bought some Spam. Not just one can of Spam – I bought a four pack at Sam’s Club.

Must have Spam.

Must have Spam.

Must have Spam.

I have Spam.