Monday Again

Yesterday was my Monday. My days are a little out of whack, and everyone else thinks yesterday was Thursday. But yesterday was definitely a Monday.

When I woke up it was pouring down rain. I waited as long as I could for it to let up so I could walk the dogs, but it didn’t let up the entire morning. As I had to leave for work at some point, II walked them in the rain. The dogs don’t like to get their feet wet and they don’t like the rain, so none of us were happy about that morning walk.

Drove to work on half a tank of gas, thought about filling it up at the current rate of $3.62 but decided to get gas on the home instead. Of course, by then the price had gone up to $3.69.

Got all the way to the first stop before realizing that I had left my calculator at home. So I did all the adding of invoices on paper, by hand. Checked my math twice. I’m good with numbers but I do always check.

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